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These are the Nintendo 3DS games I’m playing on vacation

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States, and that means trips to the beach for us East Coasters in the Mid-Atlantic. Well, I’m sure tons of people across the country are water bound, whether it’s the coast of a lake that they’re heading to.

My trip is sort of a long one for Delaware. Thanks to the traffic, we’re looking at around four hours of travel in the car just to get to the beach area. Then we have to make it the next leg which tends to be rather long thanks to all the lights and additional traffic.

My wife’s driving. Ha. That means I need something to do. I’m bringing my computer for work, but I’m also bringing a bunch of games.

Going to the beach with a toddler means having a really weird schedule. While I’m on the sand with the family, all I’ll be doing is hanging out with them. When he hits the sack at the glorious hour of 7pm, I’ll have time to drink, chill out and play games. Last year it was Shovel Knight on the 3DS. This year? A whole variety of things.

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I love Pushmo. Pushmo, Crashmo and Pushmo World are installed on both my Nintendo 3DS and my Wii U respectively. The games that star Mallo are of the puzzle variety. Blocks need to be pushed, pulled and dropped in order to reach the tops of 3D towers and save the kids trapped inside.

Sounds sort of creepy, sure.

Stretchmo is a free download, though it’s really only seven stages worth of content in it that you can play without paying. It took me about five minutes. If you’ve never played these games, it might take you a touch longer. Only a touch, though. Promise.

From there, if you want to keep going, you can buy puzzle packs with themes. There’s the standard pack that includes 100 puzzles. Then there are three more packs with themes that include around 50 puzzles. All of them together cost something like $9.99, and that means 250 puzzles plus access to the creation studio.

See, in Pushmo (or Stretchmo in this case) you can make your own puzzles. You can also tap into the community’s pile of puzzles to download even more.

Give it a try if you have a 3DS, it’s one of my favorite modern puzzle games. I genuinely believe it’s underplayed for how good it really is.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I have several games installed on my 3DS. Most of them are of the long-haul, tons of playtime variety.

I still haven’t beaten Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and I’ve decided that I’m using my time at the beach to make that happen. While we’re sitting on the porch drinking and chatting, I’ll be running quests and slaying monsters.

Sure, my father-in-law might make fun of me. When he sees how pumped I am about the new Calico armor I pick up, he’s really gonna have a laugh.

That’s about the time I’ll say something about paying for beer and he’ll stop. Ah family, so awesome.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is going down. Or, maybe, the first half as I restart my adventure.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I know. Old as dirt. When I’m away from home, I almost always enjoy sessions with Animal Crossing on my 3DS. Whether it’s catching up with the residents, checking out what’s on sale at the various shops or just fishing and selling my hauls for sweet, sweet Bells, Animal Crossing is great.

It’s the stress relief factor, quite frankly. There are few games out there that manage to calm me down quite like Animal Crossing. So, after I’m done cooking for the family, watching the kid on a beach all day and finished going for a run around the lengthy lagoon trail, I chill with Animal Crossing.

So, Stretchmo, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. That’s my plan for this trip. I beat Shovel Knight last year. I doubt I’ll do the same here.

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