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This car just drove itself from San Francisco to New York City

The Audi A7 conceptwe saw during CES 2015 doesn’t seem as impressive anymore. While that car drove itself from the Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, another car has made an even longer autonomous journey. A tricked-out version of an Audi SQ5 with Delphi Automotive technology just drove itself from San Francisco to New York City.
The car made the 3,400 mile trek with a driver behind the wheel at all times — laws still require that to be the case. According to TechRadar, however, it drove itself 99.9 percent of the time without much human intervention at all. Due to areas such as construction zones, a driver sometimes needed to take control of the car to make sure it was able to navigate safely in areas where autonomous driving wasn’t the best bet.
It’s an incredibly impressive feat nonetheless, and one that again shows us we’re really not too far from cars that will chauffeur us from stop to stop.

Source: TechRadar

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Tesla delivers record 10,030 cars

Tesla on Friday announced a new company record. The firm said it delivered 10,030 cars during the first quarter of year, which is the most cars the company has ever put in the hands of customers during a three-month period. Tesla said that it’s going to continue to publish information on how many cars it delivers moving forward, too.
Tesla’s delivery figure is up from the fourth quarter of last year, when it built 11,627 vehicles but was only able to get 9,834 to customer’s doorsteps. The company said at the time that customer vacations and poor weather were partially to blame, and that some of those deliveries were pushed back into Q4, which might explain part of the reason why it’s a new company record.
Tesla delivered a total of 31,655 cars in all of 2014, however, and Friday’s number suggests it’s on its way to beat last year’s performance. The reopening of stores in places like New Jersey will help, too.

Source: Tesla

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 camera battle

You can have an excellent design, great battery, and a killer screen, but that’s all for nothing if you don’t have a good camera. We saw how much a poor camera can impact the overall experience with the HTC One M9, undermining an otherwise top shelf device. But, hey, we’re willing to give it another chance.
Now that we have our hands on the Galaxy S6, we figured we’d pit the two against each other to see which flagship wins on image quality alone. The results probably won’t surprise you.
After all the hoopla over its UltraPixel technology, HTC jumped back into the megapixel race by including a 20-megapixel sensor in its One M9. But, as we found out, it’s not just about megapixels, something HTC has preached in the past. Images produced by the company’s newest flagship were oftentimes overly noisy and just obnoxiously bland.
The Galaxy S6, meanwhile, sports a 16-megapixel with f/1.9 and optical stabilization, the results of which we shared earlier in the week. We think they’re among the b…

OnePlus has finally released OxygenOS

Well nobody said OnePlus ever had the most impeccable timing. After announcing its OxygenOS was still floundering in certification purgatory, OnePlus on Saturday said the company’s first operating system is ready and rearing to go. You can download Oxygen at the source link below—instructions for flashing the OS are here.
OnePlus calls OxygenOS a “pure Android experience” that was specifically built and optimized for the OnePlus One; it’s based on Android 5.0.2, the latest version of Android, and it pretty much looks exactly like Google’s OS without the flimflam.
“In this environment where everyone is fighting to standout with custom ROMs, we think it’s important to go back to basics,” OnePlus wrote. “We place things like performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features”
As for the features that have been added, OnePlus says they’re subtle and important, rather than being added for the sake of differentiation. The company made a video demonstrating some of Oxygen’s more im…

Film Fondue: Batman v Superman trailer, and new Fantastic Four footage

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Grab a tub of popcorn, drink a Mountain Dew, and get ready: Furious 7 is out in theaters, and we’re amped. We’re not expecting a masterstroke of filmmaking genius, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: the franchise has produced some of the most original, thrilling movies over the past few years, and the world is better of for it. I’m ready to declare an official Fast & Furious holiday, where everyone is required to act like Dominic Toretto.
Until that day comes, why not catch up on all the crazy movie reports from this week? There have been a lot of rumors, speculation and trailers, from a Full House reboot to our first look at Ash vs. Evil Dead. I am ready.

Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine “one last time”
Hugh Jackman has been so back and forth about his involvement with Wolverine, that it was getting difficult to follow. However, the actor has confirmed that he’ll don the bushy muttonchops One. Last. Time. At the rate he keeps flip-flopping, p…

Square Open Tickets lets you keep a running tab at your favorite spot

Square makes it easy for any business to accept credit cards. Now the company is rolling out a new feature this week that lets you offer running tabs for customers as well.
Open Tickets for Square Register does just that, keeping a running list of everything a customer orders with just a few simple taps. For businesses, it’s a lot easier than writing each order down and then adding them up at the end of the day. For customers, it’s also an extra incentive to spend more at your favorite local spot.
This is the kind of simple and obvious feature that makes us love Square. The company’s struggled a bit to keep up as competitors like Apple, Google and Samsung dive into the mobile payments market, but Square is still a popular option for small merchants and Square Cash is one of the best money transfer apps around.
Whether that’s enough to stay afloat remains to be seen, but for now we’re happy to see small improvements like these continue to roll out.

Source: Square

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It’s safe to use Venmo again

Venmo’s credibility took a hit last month when a vulnerability was brought to light by Slate. Basically, the lack of two-factor authentication made it really easy for accounts to be hijacked, leading many users, including one of our own, to unlink their banking information from the service.
Today, however, that’s all changing.
Venmo has finally introduced a new update with two-factor authentication. Going forward, when the service detects a login from a new device, users will be sent an email and a 6-digit pin—you know, just to make sure nothing fishy is going on. This ensures that account holders aren’t getting their hard-earned money stolen. And if you prefer, you can allow Venmo to remember the device you’re signing in on, which means you won’t always have to go the 6-digit number route.
It’s certainly a no-brainer to have two-factor security added to such a popular service, which is why it was so odd it took Venmo this long to do it. Either way, it’ll certainly be a welcome addition …