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Here’s what the Mars One CEO had to say about all the backlash against the mission

Mars One, the company planning to send people on a one-way trip to Mars, has been battered with criticism in the past couple months.
The most recent example is a blistering story written by Elmo Keep and published in the online magazine Matter earlier this week after Mars One finalist Josh Roche came forward to reveal some of the concerns he had with the company’s selection process for its Mars colonizers.
The story called into question how many people originally applied to be one of the astronauts to settle on Mars and never return, the way the company selected its “Mars 100″ finalists, and whether or not any of these 100 finalists have what it takes.
Co-founder and CEO of Mars One Bas Lansdorp released a video interview today addressing those points.
“At Mars One we really value good criticism because it helps us to improve our mission,” Lansdorp says at the beginning of the interview. And that’s a good thing, because there’s a lot of it:
According to Roche, as soon as anyone applied to …

Angry Birds creator’s profits dropped 73% in 2014 thanks to merch

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If you were to look at Rovio’s strictly mobile gaming business, you’d think it was still very successful. While not moving at the pace that it was a few years ago, the Angry Birds brand (alongside other things in the Rovio stable) saw a 16 percent profit increase over the course of 2014.
Sounds good, right? Not so much.
The other sides of Rovio’s current business model that include plush dolls, snacks, toys and general licensed goods? Not so hot. The sales for that side of the business are so bad, in fact, that they caused Rovio’s entire operating profit to drop by 73 percent.
They’re still in profit, of course. Keep that in mind.
Rovio Chief Executive Pekka Rantala talked to Reuters about the loss of profit thanks to the licensing business. He mentioned that the Angry Birds movie and TV show will push the licensing business back into profits.

“The movie will help us get the licensing business back to growth. We are already seeing signs of pick-up in licens…

A CIO’s best allies in the fight against ‘shadow IT’ are the shadow IT vendors

The term “Shadow IT” can conjure up visions of overwhelmed CIOs frantically trying to keep information repositories secure from online attacks, while their own employees compromise security by brazenly using personal devices and consumer cloud services without IT’s permission or even IT’s knowledge.
The term can also portray IT vendors as complicit actors who enable the employees to circumvent policy, uncaring toward the CIO’s plight. But actually, the opposite appears to be true. Google’s recent announcement of new features for its Android for Work initiative is just the latest example of a vendor working to help IT regain control without limiting employees to using only approved technologies.
Taking this initiative is not just good corporate citizenship; it’s becoming a necessary business strategy, particularly for companies like Facebook that have designs on breaking into the enterprise services market.
“Shadow IT” is now a well-established phenomenon, the offspring of the broad…

Tesla Model S update promises to solve “range anxiety”

Tesla announced a new update coming to its Model S car this year which should make it impossible to ever drive too far away from a charging station, at least on purpose. The company also confirmed plans to add auto-steering features later this year.
Ahead of the recent event, CEO Elon Musk promised to kill “range anxiety” once and for all, describing the concern some Tesla drivers feel over whether they’ll be able to reach a charging station in time. Once the firmware update (version 6.2) hits, it will add a Range Assurance application that keeps track of your location and the nearest chargers. The app, which always runs in the background, will send a notification to the driver if he or she is about to wander out of range so that they can turn around in time.
“This makes it effectively impossible for a Model S driver to run out of range unintentionally,” Musk said.
Version 6.2 should roll out in the next two weeks. It also includes a new Trip Planner feature that helps map out longer tri…

Driver: Speedboat Paradise swaps asphalt for water

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Ubisoft is reviving the Driver franchise, but it’s not exactly what you might be expecting. Previous titles in the series have been primarily console based games about driving cars. This one, though, is a mobile speedboat racer.
You play as a young speedboat racer who ends up persuaded by the series’ long-running central character, John Tanner, to help take down the mob. Through speedboat racing. It’s a weird direction for the license, and seems like something that was maybe applied after the game was in development to put a marketable name on it. With that said, I loved Hydro Thunder back in the day, and Driver: Speedboat Paradise absolutely brings memories of that game to mind.
Driver: Speedboat Paradise is a free to play game that Ubisoft expects to release in western territories in April 2015.

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Atlus PSN sale puts Persona games and more under $10, $20

Atlus USA is responsible for publishing many of the quirkiest games on the various PlayStation platforms, and it has a sale going on that puts many of those games up at some very appealing prices.
Over 30 games are at the $9.99 or less mark, including titles like Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Personal 3: FES, and Persona 4, as well as newer titles like Abyss Odyssey and Citizens of Earth. Some of the more popular titles like Persona 4 Golden, Dragon’s Crown, and Demon’s Souls climb north of that but are still available for pretty reasonable prices.
The sale lasts, according to posts by the Atlus Facebook account, through March 24, so you’ve got a little bit of time to decide just how many of the 8 Persona titles you want to pick up.

Source: Facebook

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State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition gets a debut trailer

State of Decay was a surprise for just about everyone when it hit Xbox 360 last year. Despite some issues with visual jankiness, Undead Labs’ particular take on zombie survival proved memorable for fans and critics, and the game quickly became one of the fastest selling games to hit Xbox Live.
Now the remaster, State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition, is just over a month away from release on digital and physical shelves. The game will run in 1080p and features significantly upscaled, genitalia-free visuals. It also combines the three pieces of the game – the initial release and the Breakdown and Lifeline expansions and brings a variety of updates and new gear as well.
The game will be $29.99 unless you already own a copy of the original, in which case you’re eligible for a 33 percent discount to pick up the new one.
State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition hits PC and Xbox One on April 28.
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Rumor Roundup: HTC One M9+ Leaks and LG G4 Gets a 3K Screen

On this week’s episode of Rumor Roundup, Mark talks about Android Wear devices gaining support for iOS, making them compatible with Apple’s iPhone. Mark also talks about HTC releasing another flagship this year that features better specs than the recently announced One M9.
In addition, Mark also talks about LG packing an insane 3K display in the upcoming G4, and Google looking for new partners to help build the next Nexus smartphone. All this and more in this episode of Rumor Roundup!

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HTC One M9+ launching worldwide soon, rumor says

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