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Mega Man Legends being withheld because of Japanese energy drink, not Capcom

Mega Man Legends (2)

We’ve got The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on PlayStation Network, and life is good. So what about Mega Man Legends and its sequel, Mega Man Legends 2? Has the legal spider web been cleaned up giving them the possibility of a release a well? Well, no. Unfortunately, it’s much more complicated, and by that, I mean preposterously stupid.

A very possible reason as to why these games might never be able to be re-released through digital networks has emerged from Rockman Corner, and the reasoning will frustrate fans to no end. Infuriate them, perhaps.

It’s long been believed that Capcom has been unable to release Mega Man Legends on PlayStation Network because of a dispute with the game’s voice actors, but in actuality, Capcom has cleared the air of that rumor. Former Capcom USA SVP Christian Svensson set this record straight a while back with this comment.

“Actually, it looks like there’s an IP risk on one of the titles so the IP group won’t let us re-release it on PSN. We’ve been trying to see if we can get that resolved but it’s going to take a long time.

The issues I’m speaking of are not audio related but I can’t elaborate more unfortunately.”

Nope, it’s not Capcom’s fault apparently. That blame can now be much more convincingly directed at two real world entities, Japanese beverage company Otsuka and the Yoyogi Animation Gakuin.

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Otsuka’s famous product, the ORONAMIN C energy drink, appears on the vending machines in Mega Man Legends’ hub town, and this image could possibly the culprit holding the game back from digital shelves.

I guess it’s good that I only drink Lipovitan D when I need an energy fix. I’m not buying anymore Otsuka drinks until I have my digital Mega Man Legends!

Another possible culprit is the Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, an animation school in Japan. Its headquarters appears in one of the shopping centers in town, but that’s not even the real kicker. An NPC in the game wears the school’s old mascot on her apron and gives the school’s actual real world phone number when spoken to! Only in the Japanese version of course.

Hey! That’s not in the American version! Don’t make us suffer for their mistake! Actually, this is probably the more likely of the two. I doubt a major corporation like Otsuka has time to worry about free press in a long forgotten yet delightfully wonderful Mega Man game.

The Nintendo 64 version and PSP remake removed these elements, so they were obviously what was rubbing Capcom the wrong way both back then and now. This also means the Nintendo 64 version could be put on Virtual Console if Capcom deems necessary.

Mega Man Legends Teisel Bonne

As the post points out, Sony does not allow companies to change the rom file of their PlayStation games when submitting for digital re-release. Capcom can’t simply change the textures and call it a day. Because of this, no Mega Man Legends for you on the PlayStation Network! A game denied of a future because of in-game advertisements. And they told us it wasn’t an evil practice. See where corporate inbreeding leads?

Don’t blame Capcom if you want to play this boundary pushing delight of a game. It’s not because Capcom hates Mega Man fans. Blame them if you want to play Mega Man Legends 2 or Mega Man 8 instead.

Of course, instead of wallowing in your loathing hatred, do as the post recommends, and be sure to buy The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Show Capcom how much we want this wonderful sub-franchise back.

Source: Rockman Corner

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